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Fact 1.

Student demand for the scholarships has been high – in most years, at least a third of all of the state’s college and university students have had HOPE for at least a semester.



Fact 2.

HOPE, and its impact on higher education in Georgia, also became a selling point to persuade regional and national companies to expand into Georgia. Executives of all companies could promise employees access to quality higher education and the opportunity for tuition help through HOPE Scholarships.



Fact 3.

Chris Clark, president of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a 2015 interview that his staff talks at length to potential business recruits about HOPE and Pre-K.
“We always lead with our University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia. They are the envy of the nation.”

Fact 4.

The dream of state leaders to add 250,000 college graduates to the workforce by 2020, or no later than 2025, will fade out of reach, with all the obvious consequences to those left behind as well as to the state’s economy.